Students and enthusiasts of martial arts have many reasons for their interest in the martial arts. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Universal Combat Martial Arts offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

Combat Martial Arts ( Karate Classes )
The education and training in the concepts, philosophies, strategies, tacics and techniques of realistic and effective self-defense requires more than the physical skills and techniques of hand to hand combat. It is a discipline devoted to self-preservation, the perfection of character and the pursuit of excellence in all of life.

The true study of the martial arts is much more than blocking, punching and kicking. It is about self-reliance with a continued emphasis on self-improvement. It is the training of the body, mind and spirit to work in harmony with each. It is necessary to first train the mind and then the body will follow.

The system of the Universal Combat Martial Arts integrates the traditional style of martial arts training with the scientifically proven effective tactics and techniques of self-defense.

Private lessons can be arranged, please contact Grandmaster Cataldo.

Certification Seminars
Specialized Training Seminars to receive internationally recognized certifications as an Operator or Instructor: 8 - 80 hours

Ground Fighting- Weapon Retention- Weapons Instructor: Traditional Martial Arts or Police Impact Weapons- Knife Instructor- Pressure Points- Joint Locks, Contol & Submission Holds- Scenario Based Simulated Stress Instructor- Tactical Speed Handcuffing- Basic Self-Defense & Awareness Instructor- Rape Prevention- Threat Analysis

Kid's Karate
Teach children mental focus and self-discipline, with a balanced level of physical fitness and improved self-esteem and confidence.

Children learn to become self-reliant and focus on constant self-improvment.


Law Enforcement Training Specialist
Receive nationally recognized Law Enforcement training in all areas of the "lawful use of force" by police. This includes, firearms training and certification, impact weapons, tactical handcuffing, defensive tactics and arrest techniques, ground fighting, edged weapon use & defense, "O.C." spray, and Train the Trainer courses. Instructor Certification available.

Consultation and expert testimony regarding negligent training and the justifiable use of lethal force. Consultant & Expert Witness regarding Police Procedures & Tactics.

Firearms Training & Certification
Training and certification to receive the state of Florida Concealed Firearm Carry Permit.

Firearms safety is the priority for all of the firearm courses taught by Master Instructor Anthony Cataldo.

Training in handgun tactics & skills, weapon retention & disarming, rifle and shotgun training; from operator to instructor certifications.

Police Firearms Train the Trainer, Instructor Certification. Group or Private lessons, we can come to your location.

Contact Anthony Cataldo

International Martial Arts Rank Promotion & Certification
Are you a student of the martial arts in need of legitimate rank certification or promotion? If so, please contact Grandmaster Cataldo for assistance. Grandmaster Cataldo has professional association with several international and national organizations to assist one in obtaining rank certification or testing.

Rape Prevention
What every young woman should know prior to leaving home for college or employment. Practical and effective tactics and techniques to prevent rape, including date rape. Not just physical skills of self-defense, but mental and psychological skills necessary to avoid, prevent and prevail should such an attack occur.

Self-Defense Sprays
Receive training and certification in the use of self-defense sprays, such as, "OC" pepper spray, mace and chemical sprays. Learn what is and is not effective and when to use or not use the sprays. Defense sprays are not a "cure all" for self-defense. Learn the correct use of the defensive sprays, before you make the decision to carry them and maybe, avoid making a mistake by using the defense spray.

Knife Defense & Knife Usage
Edged weapons & Knives are very common, they are found in every home and almost every business. Learn practical and effective defense against these common weapons. Train in the carry and use of a knife for self-defense purpose. Learn realistic knife strategies, tactics and techniques, not "stylized knife dueling".

Personal Safety & Awareness Seminars
This presentation and lecture will instruct and enlighten all who are concerned for their personal safety and well being. This 2-4 hour course is for the individuals that desire to avoid or to prevent circumstances which may place them in personal jeopardy. This training can be presented at clubs, schools, homeowners associations, business groups, at any forum where there is true concern for personal safety and the desire to learn practical and effective strategies to avoid and prevent personal danger to oneself.

Defensive Tactics
A program designed to teach a few of the basic tactics and techniques of effective self-defense. This program is for the individual who desires realistic and practical skills of self-defense; yet, does not have the time to dedicate to the traditional method of training. This program is designed personally around the needs of the student and the time constraints.

Executive Security & Asset Protection Services
International security provided for individuals or assets. All protection agents are either, former / current, military or law enforcment officers. Contact Anthony Cataldo for consultation.

Home & Business Security Assessment
Ensure your personal safety and that of your family's safety & security. GM Cataldo or his expert staff will conduct a security assessment of your physical environment and provide a written report with suggestions to increase your security and safety.

"Kubotan" Certification
The training and certification in the use of the key chain "Kubotan" the yawara stick of ujitsu. A 5 1/2 inch implement which may used as a keychain and a tool of self-defense. The Kubotan may be carried with one in any environment or location.

Private Training / Lessons
Private Training at your location or semi-private training with small private groups. $50.00 per hour to start. Call to shedule a session.

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