CONSULTANT - Police Procedures & Training

  • Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Florida, 1981 - Present
  • Certified Police Academy Instructor, Florida & Colorado
  • Chief Instructor: Universal Combat Martial Arts, a system of self-defense training
  • Instructor Trainer: Police Use of Force, Firearms & Officer Survival Skills
  • Expert: Investigation of Police Use of Lethal Force
  • Expert: Negligent Training & Negligent Retention of Law Enforcement Officers
  • Chief Firearms Instructor - National Association of Law Enforcement & Security
  • Advanced Firearms Instructor - Talon Training & Development, Inc.
  • Firearms Instructor - Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Police Firearms Instructor - National Rifle Association
  • Police Firearms Instructor - Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
    Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission (F.D.L.E./C.J.S.T.C.)
  • Master Instructor, Martial Arts - Universal Combat Martial Arts
  • Police Defensive Tactics Instructor - F.D.L.E./C.J.S.T.C.
  • Pressure Points Control Tactics Instructor - P.P.C.T. Management Systems, Inc.
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor - Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Expandable Baton Instructor - ASP, Inc.
  • PR 24 Instructor - Monadnock, Inc.
  • Career Law Enforcement Officer with emphasis on Investigations & Training
  • Certified Criminal Investigator, U.S. Department of the Treasury (F.L.E.T.C.)
  • Experienced Internal Affairs Investigator, SWAT Team, Dignitary Protection
  • Consultant to Attorneys, Police Agencies & Training Facilities
  • Experienced in Design & Development of Training Course Curriculum
  • Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Instructor Trainer - Firearms & Use of Force
  • Expert in Self-Defense: Armed & Unarmed Tactics
  • M.S. Human Resource Development, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2000
  • Certificate Public Management, Graduate School, Fla. Atlantic University, 1992
  • B.S. Police Administration, Eastern Kentucky University, 1981
  • A.A. Law Enforcement, Easter Kentucky University, 1979

UNIVERSAL COMBAT MARTIAL ARTS: A System of Self-Defense Training

"Violence when there are other alternatives is immoral;
violence when there are no alternatives is survival."

Universal Combat Martial Arts is a system of self-defense training utilizing both armed and unarmed techniques for self-defense. The system is based on an eclectic blend of oriental martial arts and modern scientific techniques of self-defense. This system embodies all ranges of hand to hand combat including the use of firearms and other weapons.

The Universal Combat Martial Arts system of self-defense utilizes proven practical and realistic techniques of self-defense and all tactics are based on sound ethical, moral, and legal justifications. The Martial Arts are much more than kicking, punching, and blocking. The true study of the martial arts is a continued emphasis on self reliance, a way of life!

The founder and chief instructor of the Universal Combat Martial Arts is Grandmaster Instructor Anthony M. Cataldo. Grandmaster Cataldo is a 9th degree black belt and holds black belt ranks in several styles of martial arts. Grandmaster Cataldo is a certified police defensive tactics instructor and a certified police firearms instructor. Grandmaster Cataldo is a former law enforcement officer with years experience as such; he is a former SWAT team member and Dignitary protection team member. Grandmaster Cataldo is currently the coordinator for police firearms and defensive tactics at a regional police academy and has taught college level physical education classes in self-defense.

Grandmaster Cataldo has based his system of self-defense training on his extensive martial arts background and his vast experience as a police officer and as an instructor to police officers; in the skills of officer survival, self-defense, arrest techniques and firearms training, Grandmaster Cataldo was the chief firearms instructor for the National Association of Law Enforcement & Security.

The practitioner of the Universal Combat Martial Arts main objective is peace of mind and universal harmony. To this objective, the practitioner uses his training to avoid potential threats or danger, and to train for the purpose of self-defense in the event of a life threatening situation; which in today's society of high crime and low morals is more likely than not.

Awareness, perception, and avoidance are the best defense mechanism. The mind not only the body must be trained to perceive potential danger. The system trains the student to increase their perception of danger and teaches that avoidance of such danger is the best defense. In those instances when avoidance of personal danger is not an option, then you must be able to survive. To survive you must be capable of defending yourself and your loved ones with speed and immediate effectiveness.

This efficiency and expediency of the techniques of self-defense comes only with the practice of realistic, practical self-defense training. All the techniques and tactics of the Universal Combat Martial Arts system are implemented with one common goal: to be efficient and effective in their execution! Practitioners of the Universal Combat Martial Arts will learn practical and effective self-defense techniques and tactics. They will increase their quality of life through enhanced physical fitness, increased self-esteem and self-confidence and begin on their path to enlightenment and universal harmony.

"Warrior Spirit"

The way of the warrior is to use the Martial Arts to develop the character to meet danger with courage; hardship with endurance; and to live by a code of dignity, honor, integrity, and humility.

Listed below are some of the guidelines pertaining to the Universal Combat Martial Arts System Of Self Defense....

Belt Rank System
Rank / Gup Formal Instruction Minimum Time In Rank Belt Color
10th Grade 20 Hours 6 Weeks White
9th Grade 20 Hours 6 Weeks Yellow
8th Grade 25 Hours 8 Weeks Orange
7th Grade 30 Hours 8 Weeks Green
6th Grade 35 Hours 10 Weeks Purple
5th Grade 40 Hours 10 Weeks Blue
4th Grade 45 Hours 12 Weeks Brown
3rd Grade 50 Hours 12 Weeks Brown w/ Black Stripe
2nd Grade 55 Hours 16 Weeks Red
1st Grade 60 Hours 16 Weeks Red w/ Black Stripe

Black Belt Ranking System

Dan / Degree Formal Instruction / Teaching Hours Minimum Time In Rank Additional Certification
1st Dan 120 / 80 1 Year Assistant Instructor
2nd Dan 160 / 80 1 Year Associate Instructor
3rd Dan 160 / 200 2 Years Instructor
4th Dan 120 / 360 3 Years Senior Instructor
5th Dan 80 / 520 4 Years Master Instructor
6th Dan 80 / 520 4 Years Master Instructor
7th Dan 40 / 520 5 Years Master Instructor
8th Dan Honorary 5 Years Grandmaster
9th Dan Honorary 5 Years Grandmaster
10th Dan Founder / Director Of A System   Grandmaster

Promotional System

The formal instruction or training hours and time in rank are a guide for the minimum requirements to be eligible for promotion to the next higher rank. In addition to the minimum mandatory requirements, the student must demonstrate a continued practice and the appropriate mental attitude. The knowledge of the required skills necessary for the new rank must be demonstrated during the promotional process. The skill and abilities to effectively execute the new knowledge should be sufficient for rank tested.

The evaluation of the student testing for rank promotion is both objective and subjective in nature. The objective evaluation is the time in current rank prior to testing for promotion and the acquired knowledge of all of the techniques for the new rank. The subjective evaluation is in judging the skill and abilities of of the student in their execution of the new techniques. Does the demonstration of the required techniques appear to be efficient and effective in their execution, if so the student may be promoted to the next rank.

With the approval of the Instructor and the requirements met, a student may test for promotion to the next rank. It is considered improper and rude for a student to ask the Instructor to test for rank advancement. The Instructor is aware of the student's skill and ability and when the time is appropriate, he will inform the student of his decision to allow the student to test for rank promotion.

Promotional examinations are conducted by an Examination Board. The board must approve the promotion by a majority vote and may promote to a level of that below the highest rank member of the Board. A Master Instructor's rank can ONLY be approved by the Founder.

Uniforms (Gi or Dobok)

The official uniform for the Univeral Combat Martial Arts System is a white Gi with UCMA patch worn on the left breastof the gi top. A 1st Dan may wear a black gi or white gi with black trim. 5th Dan and above, Master Level, may wear a black, white, or red gi. Black Belts with gold stripe representing each level or Dan may be worn on the tips of the belt but is not mandatory. The name and designation of Master or Grandmaster should be worn of the belt of such individuals.

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